“Global security trends and their impact on Central Asia” (1-2 September 2016, Bishkek)

CAISS Acting Director Anna Gussarova and Deputy Director for Academic and Research Affairs Dr. Farkhod Aminjonov participated in Annual security seminar on “Global security trends and their impact on Central Asia”, organized by the OSCE Academy in Bishkek and NUPI. The 111main aim of the event was to discuss current issues and build dialogue between experts and policy shapers. It is a conference based on the Chatham House rule.

Ambassador Peter Burian, the EU Special Representative for Central Asia, held the opening keynote speech on the role and contribution of the European Union in Ce444ntral Asia. 39 security experts from different countries and research institutions participated in the conference.

This year conference consisted of six panels on different topics such as regional cooperation and security in Central Asia, the role of Islam in the region, migration issues, regional integrations and others. During one of the panels, participants discussed divergence, convergence and the correlation of security policies in Central Asia and have come up with a list of recommendations on further cooperation to foster security and stability in the region.

The presentations can be downloaded here.


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