CAISS Director Anna Gussarova Becomes NESA Center and NDU Alumni

CAISS Director Anna Gussarova has completed NESA-2030 Executive Seminar, that took place at Near East South Asia Center, National Defense University, in Washington D.C. 

This executive seminar, focusing on the future of the NESA region in 2030, brought together a comprehensive list of 40 military and government officials from 21 NESA region countries.

The seminar, directed by NESA Professor Dr. Gawdat Bahgat, is the first in a set of three ES workshops which are a part of the NESA Center’s core courses. These Executive Seminars are specifically crafted so that officials from several NESA region countries can gather in one location, under Chatham House Rules, and have a diverse discussion on important issues that broadly apply to all participants.

This ES highlighted the economic and security challenges the NESA region faces leading up-to 2030, as well as strategies on how to overcome them. Dr. Bahgat covered several topics in his seminar relevant to all countries in the NESA region including, including asymmetrical warfare, drone proliferation, economic powers in the NESA region, water security, climate change, cyber warfare, as well as national vs. sectarian and ethnic identities.

During the two-week course, participants heard from leading international security experts such as Ms. Jeanne Pryor, the Acting Deputy Assistant Administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development, H.E. Serdar KiliТ, the Turkish Ambassador to the U.S., and Dr. Rod Schoonover, the Director of Environment and Natural Resources for the National Intelligence Council.

Participants were split up into three groups, with each team tasked to come up with their own analysis and strategies for defining problems and crises that the NESA region might face over the next 13 years. Each group presented their approaches and solutions for overcoming the challenges as a final project for the seminar.

Participants visited the World Bank, Capitol Hill, Library of Congress, Old Town Alexandria, and had a dinner reception with the Mayor of Alexandria, Ms. Allison Silberberg.

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