Kazakhstan Launches ‘Cyber Shield’ Concept

The government of Kazakhstan has approved an action plan, on October 28, to implement the country’s cybersecurity concept ‘Cyber Shield’ by 2022. The document outlines key areas of state policy that will be required to build a modern yet reliable system to mitigate and prevent cyberattacks and threats from hybrid (new type) warfare.

The amount of illegal online content reaching Kazakhstan has grown by a factor of 40 in the last three years. Both government agencies and domestic financial institutions frequently suffer from cyberattacks. Ruslan Abdukalikov, the deputy chairman of the Committee on Information Security in the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industry, recently pointed out that the number of cyber threats to the state’s electronic systems increases by 2-2.5 times every year.

As the country seeks to attract new technologies to encourage economic diversification, information and cybersecurity challenges have been growing as well. To reduce these vulnerabilities, Kazakhstani President Nursultan Nazarbayev instructed the government and the National Security Committee to develop the country’s cybersecurity strategy, emphasizing this is a matter of national security. In today’s world, it is not necessary to fight using an aircraft or a tank. Rather, a computer virus can knock a power plant offline or paralyze the domestic railway network, he noted.

Full text can be found here.

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