SEnECA – Strengthening and Energizing EU-Central Asia Relations

The project “SEnECA – Strengthening and Energizing EU-Central Asia Relations” seeks to improve research cooperation and to strengthen capacities in research and policy advice in the EU and Central Asia, having recognised the importance of Central Asia for Europe.

An international consortium with twelve partner organisation form the EU and all five Central Asian countries will map and analyse the relations between the two regions in order to make recommendations to stakeholders on future research cooperation, policies and communication.

The consortium partners were carefully selected to provide a balanced mix of research and policy-making organisations in the EU and the target region, with diverse experience in academic issues, innovation management, policy-making and project management. SEnECA’s team of researchers and experts from academia and renowned think tanks is well connected to policy-making in the EU and Central Asia. It brings together distinguished individual researchers, some of whom have already worked for two decades in the field of EU-Central Asia relations. The consortium members are highly committed to rendering its implementation a success and producing the envisaged output and impact for EU-Central Asia relations. The SEnECA consortium consists of 12 institutional partners from six EU Member States and all five Central Asian countries.

The main objectives of SEnECA are to strengthen and energize relations between the European Union and Central Asia by establishing a sustainable, transdisciplinary SEnECA Research Network and the SEnECA Stakeholder Network in order to

  • link European to Central Asian researchers, policy-makers and stakeholders
  • improve both the research cooperation to develop a common SEnECA Agenda for Future Research Cooperation and the EU’s Central Asia policy by setting up the SEnECA Policy Roadmap
  • promote the importance of Central Asia for Europe through the SEnECA Communication Plan for dissemination and awareness-raising among scholars, policy-makers, stakeholders in education, media, civil society and the EU public
  • strengthen capacities in research and policy advice through the SEnECA Academic Policy Advice Training

During the project period, researchers and relevant stakeholders from Central Asia and Europe will have various possibilites to meet offline and online:

  • Three public conferences: Riga in April 2018, Almaty in January 2019 and Brussels in November 2019
  • Public exhibition on Central Asia: Brussels in the spring of 2019
  • Regular skype conferences and discussions via the project intranet, social media and the Research Network portal

These opportunities aim to include stakeholders and interested citizens into the project and to bring Europe and Central Asia closer together. More information can be found in SEnECA_Flyer.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770256.