Policy Paper No. 1 – Political and security relations – Mapping EU-Central Asia relations

The paper describes the relations between the EU and selected EU member states on the one hand, and Central Asia on the other hand. In particular, it examines the priority given to Central Asia, the interests of the EU and the selected EU member states in the region, and trends of the development of these interregional relations.

The paper describes the complexity of the EU‘s Central Asia policy with regard to involved actors, priorities and instruments, which creates a considerable need for coordination within the EU. It uncovers the variations in terms of strategic priorities of and interests in cooperation between the partners in both regions.

On a EU level, the core issue of political and security relations is the ongoing update of the EU Strategy towards Central Asia against the backdrop of varying value attached to cooperation with the EU by the Central Asian states. Cooperation is based on regular political dialogues and includes topics as the promotion of good governance and human rights, the fight against terrorism and organized crime, and border management.

On the level of EU member states, relations and interest vary tremendously, while all examined EU member states were engaged in the region bilaterally. Kazakhstan turns out to be the most important cooperation partner for the EU member states covered in this paper.

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