Russian’s Soft Power in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Director of the Central Asia Institute for Strategic Studies, Anna Gussarova, is delivering a lecture on Russia’s Soft Power in Kazakhstan and broader Central Asian region at the Eurasian Research Institute on May 11, 2017.

Russian soft power in Kazakhstan and Central Asia experiences more questions than answers. While promoting Russian language, culture, and literature abroad, Russian current political leadership predominantly makes decisions and still relies on common soviet heritage and identity. It remains unclear what the outcomes of Russia’s soft power enlargement strategy would be while experiencing poor social and economic conditions under militarized political establishment. While losing its positions and influence in the region Russia tries to substitute soft power agenda to propaganda and hybrid wars in containment with the United States.

During the seminar, which would be based on research under CAISS, there would be a discussion on two following points: (a) ‘soft power’ concept: actors, instruments and costs; (b) Russian ‘soft power’ vs. use of force: kill the two birds with one stone?

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